Mew, Virizion and Me

I've always loved shiny things, the shinier, the better. I love art, I love drawing, and most importantly I've always loved collecting. I was 12 I think when I got my first ever booster pack of trading cards, a Jungle pack, in which I pulled a holo error Jolteon, a card I still have in my collection today.

With the internet still a luxury (imagine that) and with the connection at home still on a 33.3kps dial up, I really had no idea what cards were worth, nor what they were. Frankly, I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into.

My goal back then was I wanted a copy of every single card made. But as sets were released and as I didn't have any pocket money given to me (only birthday and Christmas money) well... collecting a whole set of cards was but a pipe dream. At this point, I had no idea of the existence of Mew cards.

One day, I brought a copy of Beckett Pokémon magazine and it had a TCG catalogue in the back. It was there that I gained my first real insight into the TCG world. I learned about promo's, I learned about Japanese cards, and most importantly of all, I discovered the existence of the black star promo 8 Mew, the first English promo of Mew. Along with that, I discovered Lilypad Mew, Ancient Mew, and one of the five holy grails of the TCG world (and said to be the rarest card of all with an estimated 4 in existence in the WORLD) - Pikachu Illustrator. That magazine became the catalyst that would drive me to eventually start this insanity.

My goals were remarkably different then. I still had the goal of collecting a copy of every single card, but eventually I lost sight of that goal just before Neo 1 was released. My passion never wavered, but I saw little hope given my non-existent allowance. Ah money, why art thou a heartless bitch?

With high school taking away my time and my passion for Pokémon diverted elsewhere, my goals and dreams were shelved for the next 5 years.

One day in 2006, I heard about generation 4 being released and decided to check it out. I'm not sure what it was exactly that rebooted my passion for Pokémon, but I remember picking up my old binder and flicking through the cards I had spent so many long hours collecting.

I remembered that there was so much that I had left unfinished, and leaving something unfinished is something I really hate. With money now in my possession and my knowledge of the existence of awesome things like e-bay and live journal, I began collecting again.

I started by buying all those pretty holographic cards I had never pulled from booster packs, or drooled over in my friends binders (, I will miss you and I love you long time) but the one card I had always wanted, that damn English Mew promo... well, now that I had money, why not buy it?

So I did. I got the holographic version. I can't remember where I got the non-holo version from, but I had obtained it before I stopped collecting, but being a lover of holo cards, I wanted the shiny version!

The day I got that card, I think, was the day when I decided I wanted the others. Over the next few years I spent some of my spare time collecting just that, and eventually got up to date with the cards in May, 2012. I will probably be collecting these guys for a long time to come, but everyone needs a fun hobby and this is mine!

Enjoy my collection. I hope you will like it as much as I do.